Faces of El Nautica

Here’s a way to get to get to know the “Faces of El Nautica!” You can add a picture, your name, lot number and a little blurb so others can get to know your faces.

Please upload your lot # and a photo of yourself using the form below and we’ll add your a place and your face to the web page!

Hope you enjoy!

Hi everyone! We are David and Elliott from lot 90. David’s mother Michelle and his grandparents Norman and Patsy Alvord had been members of the club since 2000. David’s grandparents have since passed away, but we’re excited to take over their lot and continue making memories. We look forward to getting to know the great people here and having tons of fun!

Hello, Jim & Becky Pierce here from lot 87, we manage the website for the club, love music, boating, 4-wheeling and good times with good people. We hope you all will take the time to make some memories with us and share your faces!

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Lot 87 - 
Jim & Becky Pierce
Live, laugh, love!